karen carter, empowerment life coach

Who Am I ?

I began my own journey with a career in advertising and communications with a degree in psychology. As I traversed along the corporate path, one thing always resonated with me….. connecting and encouraging people.

Through the experience of my own life challenges I was lucky to learn to “make my own sunshine.” I learned that by making good choices, real choices - I would reap great results by following through.

Like many, through my various career roles, I had never quite found what my life purpose was until I found Empowerment Life Coaching.

My true passion is to help people realize and reach their unique desired potential.


Why Am I an Empowerment Life Coach?

I truly love helping people achieve the life they desire. My focus is to inspire, champion and encourage my clients to forge upon new life journeys, to see that they have opportunities and possibilities, and the clarity and confidence to bring them to fruition. I want to help them restore hope, purpose and balance back into their lives. 

If you are done being stuck and ready to break out of your safe but stagnant holding pattern, contact me for a complimentary Discovery Session to see how I can help you “Live the Life You Envision”!

What is Empowerment Life Coaching and how can it help you?

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not fighting the old, but building the new.”  - Socrates

This quote perfectly sums up my philosophy of Empowerment Life Coaching. Move out of your past and start to create the future you want by investing in the present. By using specific strategies and techniques I can help you align your life’s vision with reality.


Empowerment Life Coach Karen Carter

Why Choose Me?

My sincere passion is to foster relationships with my clients so I can empower them to break through life’s obstacles and achieve their genuine desires. I not only want you to know what your life journey is, but also how to get there, and most importantly, how to stay on that journey.

Your first step to a better life is to schedule a Discovery Call with me. We will confidentially discuss where you are in your life today, and where it is you want to be.